Nyan Heroes


Wengie/Wraya - Founder

WRAYA is an influencer with a combined following of 30M followers across all social platforms and recently has transitioned into an Artist/Musician. Building communities is her passion and talent. She has a deep interest in all things blockchain and is a fanatical cat lover.
WRAYA has a degree in accounting and business, and has years of experience as head of digital marketing for E-Web Marketing and SavvySME.
Blogger then turned YouTuber, she has built a community of 14M+ subscribers on her YouTube channel earning her multiple accolades including "Top Subscribed YouTube Channel in Australia 2019", "Winner of AACTA 2019 Best Online Entertainment Award", and nominated for "Best YouTuber of the Year 12th Annual Shorty Awards 2020" and "Best International YouTuber 7th Annual Streamy Awards".

Maxmerro - Founder

Maxmello is WRAYA's business partner and a gaming influencer himself. For the past 7-8 years, he has run the operations side of WRAYA's businesses. As head of market research, product development and overall business strategy, he has lead multiple teams to execute projects at a high level.
He himself is also an avid gamer with a gaming channel. For the past year he has developed a Roblox game called Animal Island with Melon Development Inc, being the creative director, lead game designer and project manager.
Max has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and was a Senior Surgical Resident prior to his journey into the digital creator space. A believer in the crypto space for the past 4 years, he views NFT gaming as the only way forward in the future.

Heisenberglit - Rust Developer

Heisenberglit is a backend developer and has helped many projects on Solana with their NFT launches. He is now working full time on Nyan!

Djip - Fullstack developer

Betsy - Concept Artist

A multitalented artist capable of many art styles and genres, Betsy is a valuable asset to Nyan Heroes. She is "feline furtunate to be a part of the team".

Brycent - Advisor/Growth

Brycent is the top Axie Infinity streamer and is founder of Lootsquad GG.
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