Nyan Heroes


Nyan Heroes will feature a dual token system
$NYN - is the governance token behind our entire project. There will be a fixed supply with a predetermined unlock schedule over 4 years to ensure all participating stakeholders remain well incentivized. This token will initially be distributed to
  • Core Team
  • Public Sale
  • Investors
  • Ecosystem Treasury
  • Staking Rewards
  • Play To Earn Reward
$NYN will have multiple use cases as our main governance token
  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Ecosystem expansion via treasury which collects transaction fees and burning fees
  • Redistribution of revenue to stakeholders
Our second token is $CTNP, our in-game utility token. There will be no cap for this token as we need to ensure available supply as our community and playerbase grows. However, we will ensure that the tokenomics behind this coin will provide a predictable yield for Play2Earn gamers.
The use cases for $CTNP include
  • Required to level up your gear and parts
  • Required to create consumables from raw materials
  • Required for purchasing of rare cosmetic skins
  • Player-based economy
  • Required for minting new NFTs, characters and items