Nyan Heroes


What is Nyan Heroes?
Nyan Heroes is an NFT based game built on the Solana blockchain. Through collecting our Nyans and their accompanying giant robots, players will enter our Play2Earn Metaverse in battle against one another. At the same time, they will be saving real kitties one Nyan at a time via our partnerships with various animal charities.
What is the game actually about?
Whilst the exact details will remain subject to change as development progresses, players can expect a battle royale shooter style of gameplay, set in a post-cataclysmic world borrowing from a mix of lo-fi and cyberpunk art genres. The game will be 3D and built on the Unreal game engine. We will be striving to ensure a mix of appealing visuals balanced with optimization for mobile gameplay even on low end phones.
What is a Nyan?
By owning a Nyan, you will be able to control your own unique character in Nyan Heroes alongside its giant robot companion. Your character will have a multitude of traits and abilities that will be randomized upon minting. There will be common, rare, super-rare and legendary Nyans and these will affect the abilities your robot will have in battle.
Any details about the Presale/Public sale?
Our presale and public sale will mint a collection of 11,111 Nyan Avatars which are one of a kind NFTs that will unlikely ever be created again. These NFTs will serve as a token or pass to claim your eventual in-game Guardian Mech. On top of this, owning a Nyan Avatar will unlock certain other privileges including but not limited to early access beta testing, exclusive airdops, potential IDO token sales and more.
How do I get into the presale?
Presale participants will be selected via lottery. Users must complete a series of 10 missions. At the end of each mission, players who completed the task will be placed in a lottery and randomly selected to become whitelist participants. To complete a mission, you must have completed all prior missions first.
What is the minting price?
The PRESALE minting price per Nyan will be 3 SOL. The PUBLIC sale price will be conducted via a FairLaunch Protocol whereby the community will decide on a fair price between 3-6 SOL Is the Genesis Nyan a PFP NFT? No we are not a PFP NFT collection. The Genesis Nyan essentially acts like a mint pass as well as an access key for our actual in game playable Guardian Mech characters, free airdrops and presale land access. Instead of creating 11,111 mintpasses that just looks like glorified business cards, our team spent hundreds of hours hand crafting these amazing unique limited edition mint passes that DOUBLE as a PFP. You will be able to use these PFPs to claim your rightful Guardian Mech for FREE when the time comes. The concept art for our Guardian Mechs is unreleased but we will be leaking them here and on our twitter so keep an eye out!
Is this game P2W?
No, this game is play to earn. We will implement a robust and rewarding tokenomics system rewarding players who play our game. There are cases where players may choose to pay for a Nyan Hero with legendary traits and afford themselves an advantage, however, we have a number of gameplay systems planned that will ensure this advantage is minimal and that ultimately it will be a player's skills that determines the outcome.
Is this game F2P?
Yes we have plans in place to ensure that there is NO paywall or barrier to entry for new players. We believe that this is the key to growth and exponential adoption. As such, any new player will be able to play our game and will be provided a playable Hero. Through their gameplay progression and achievements, players will be able to earn their way to owning their own unique Nyan Hero.
More questions?
We have tonnes of amazing plans for future development and many cannot be covered in the scope of an FAQ. Please keep up to date with Nyan Heroes to find out more! Nyan!