Nyan Heroes


Collecting and upgrading equipment is largely confined to usage in the adventure mode and guild mode aspects of Nyan Heroes. For PvP, all Guardian levels are reset to 1 so as to ensure an even playing field. However in PvE and content such as Giant Raids, the level of your Guardian and its parts will play a vital role in success or failure.
Additionally in PvE mode, players will be able to craft and equip a primary and secondary weapon. These weapons are minted by combining Weapon Cores with $NYN and the resulting NFT can range from common to legendary. These weapons can also subsequently be levelled up. Alternatively these weapons can also be sold on the marketplace.
Guardian parts can also be levelled up just like weapons for PvE, however, these parts are intrinsically bound to your Guardian NFT and therefore cannot be detached or traded individually on the marketplace.
In addition, mystic dust can be collected in exchange for cosmetic skins for various weapon or body parts. The skin must match the corresponding part and if it is purchased without owning the corresponding part, will not be able to be equipped. However, these may also be individually sold on the open marketplace.