Nyan Heroes

Shooter Action/Adventure

Sort of... But it's so much more
Nyan Heroes will be played as a third person shooter.
We have a rich array of gameplay modes planned to ensure that there is something for everyone in Nyan Heroes:
  • PvE adventure mode where players progress either in single player or in co-op mode
  • PvP battle royale mode in a fast paced all-out brawl in a contained map with 60 players duking it out in the ultimate test of skills
  • Guild mode where players can complete guild only tasks such as quests, missions, raids
  • RPG mode where players can creatively employ examples of real world economies in our metaverse
The last two modes will be completed via use of our Land modules to be released at a later date. We are particularly excited about the RPG mode which allows players maximum freedom in how they wish to participate in our player based economy. Do you have a lot of time to go on quests and find loot? Maybe you should set up a store and trade your time for $CTNP our in game utility token. Are you a particularly skilled player? Why not hire out your services to other Guilds in your spare time and assist them in clearing a difficult raid like a mercenary would. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit with what you can choose to do!
Finally we also will have an option for users to generate their own gameplay content on our platform, and this type of gameplay could utilize our assets for any genre of gameplay.