Nyan Heroes

Battle Royale

One of the game modes of Nyan Heroes will feature a 3rd person PvP battle royale set around the post-cataclysmic civilization of Nekovia. The map itself will feature an array of spectacular environments including overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and an array of mountainous terrain all leading towards the central landmark, the ruined central metropolis of Nekovia.
Players can queue up as a team of 3, or if they do not have a team they will automatically be placed in a team as the default setting unless they specify that they wish to play solo. We think teamwork makes the game more fun and this will also increase the enjoyment for new players who may get a chance at victory if teamed up with more experienced players.
Players will be able to select their loadout before starting the match. Choose wisely and pay special attention to your teammates loadouts. The key to victory is bringing a balanced team composition. The benefit of owning multiple Nyans and their Guardians is the flexibility you have to round out an otherwise imbalanced team comp.
Just like many battle royale games, players will jump from a mechcraft and land at a location of their choosing on the map. Whilst players will immediately have access to their class ability, their secondary ability and their passive ability on landing, the priority should be to find a primary and secondary weapon. These weapons can be found scattered over the map, either lying out in the open or inside supply crates. There are many different types of guns available and it will be up to the player to decide which combination is best suited to complement their Guardian abilities.
As you fight, you will find yourself coming across mana crystals, which will level up your abilities during the match. All abilities start from the similar baseline stat points at the beginning of a match, but a rare, ultra rare or legendary weapon will begin to diverge build paths as you gain more mana. Having said that, we don't think that this divergence will cause significant imbalance to the gameplay since the benefits are not unlocked till much later in the match (assuming the player with the legendary item survives that long). Our levelling system also discourages players from camping or sniping, as this tactic will result in a lack of acquired mana crystals, putting these players at a disadvantage in the late game.
Find shields and health potions to restore health and keep up your energy.
Every few minutes a safezone on the map will shrink and players caught outside the safezone will take damage over time.
Be the last to survive the map, eliminate your opponents to win the game and earn rewards.
Rewards available include:
  • $NYN
  • $CTNP
  • Guardian Cores - combine these with $NYN to mint a new Guardian
  • Nyan Cores - combine these with $NYN to mint a new Nyan
  • Weapon Cores - combine with $NYN to mint a new Primary/Secondary Weapon [Adventure Only]
  • Guardian Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Guardian Parts [Adventure Only]
  • Weapon Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Guardian Weapon [Adventure Only]
  • Raw materials - combine these with $CTNP to create consumable items [Adventure Only]
  • Mystic Dust - collect this with $CTNP to exchange for cosmetic upgrades to your weapons/parts
  • Achievements