Nyan Heroes

Guild Mode

After either creating your own Guild or joining another, you will gain access to a variety of Guild specific activities in Nyan Heroes.
By joining a Guild, you can now send your additional Nyans and their Guardians out on missions that will help you earn loot. The longer you send them out for and the harder the difficulty of the mission, the more rewards you will earn and the chance of rare rewards also increases. If you cancel the mission before the time requirements, you will also forfeit your rewards.
Guilds will also gain access to various quests around the metaverse. These will most likely need to be completed in real time either on your own or with a group. The size varies depending on the mission. Rewards will be distributed to the participants as well as a small percentage going to the Guild itself.
Giant Raids will also become available as development progresses, where many Guild members will need to combine their efforts in undertaking a giant raid to destroy a legendary Giant. Raids will be exceedingly difficult should you not bring enough members, but the rewards of victory will be very sweet. Nyan!
RPG elements should also be discussed in this section, as there will be limitless options to roleplay in the world of Eden, whether it be in Nekovia itself or the neighbouring city of Inusha. Set up a shop, start a restaurant or build your own game. The choice is yours!