Nyan Heroes

Guardian Classes

Currently there are 9 Guardian classes each with its own class specific ability that will ultimately set it apart from other Guardians.
  • Warrior
    • A balanced Guardian with average speed and health
    • The Warrior class excels at a mix of frontline and attack, able to sustain attacks for a short period of time and take out a high value target before retreating to the backlines
    • Class ability activates 'Blade Dance', an ability that blocks incoming projectiles, stores up the accumulated energy and releases it forward in a powerful energy shockwave
  • Defender
    • The proverbial meatshield. Slow to move but this Guardian can take a hit!
    • There is no other Guardian class that is able to soak as much damage as the Defender hands down. Designed to withstand the strongest attacks and provide cover for your DPS units or used as a distraction for your Assassin or Sniper.
    • Class ability activates 'Plasma Shield' which puts up a giant shield spanning multiple unit widths in a convex shape in front of you. This shield does not have a cooldown, however if broken will need time to recharge. The shield can additionally be reactivated whilst active to created a giant dome that blocks all incoming damage from 360 degree angles, however this causes the shield to take 30% increased damage.
  • Brawler
    • Slightly slower than average speed but additional bulk to make up for this puts this Guardian right where it wants to be. In the middle of the fight.
    • Class ability activates 'Blood Thirst' which enters the Guardian into a temporary frenzied state, applying a speed boost and lifesteal for a span of 6 seconds before the state ends. At any point during 'Blood Thirst' the Brawler can reactivate their ability unleashing a close range shockwave. The shockwave deals damage proportional to the amount of time left on 'Blood Thirst'
  • Assassin
    • Fast but fragile, this Guardian does not want to be seen on the frontlines of any battle. Instead they must sneak and use cover to eliminate high priority targets from behind.
    • Class ability 'Shadow Step' allows the Assassin to phase forward under the cover of stealth for a few seconds gaining a speed boost and the ability to double jump during the ability. Reactivating the ability causes the Assassin to throw a projectile as they emerge from stealth. Hitting an enemy with this ability from behind results in a massive damage multiplier
  • Sniper
    • Another fast yet fragile class, the Sniper would do well to avoid direct fire with the enemy
    • Instead, the Sniper uses its class ability 'Hookshot' to rapidly reposition moving from position to position, trying to gain the higher ground. It can use this ability to reach places that normally couldn't be reached. Additionally, shooting whilst using 'Hookshot' is a lot more accurate than one would normally expect.
  • Medic
    • The only Guardian that has high speed and survivability. Your one goal is to move around the battlefield and keep your team members alive
    • Class ability 'Revitalize' sends out a small drone that follows your target and provides a constant small amount of regeneration as well as a small shield. Reactivating the ability provides a large team wide heal and puts the drone on cooldown
  • Scout
    • Fast and slightly fragile, these Guardians are experts at scouting a new area
    • Class ability 'Ricochet" allows the Guardian to shoot a bouncing arrow into an unknown area. As the arrow ricochets off various surfaces, it acts like a sonar and reveals positions of any enemies in the area for a few seconds
  • Mechanic
    • Slower but more tanky, this unit would rather have his machines do all the dirty work
    • The Class ability 'Sentry' places a sentry unit on any surface. 2 sentries may be deployed at any time and they can be destroyed once spotted. These Sentries will automatically trigger via motion detection and attack nearby enemies and will also send out an alert to the Player when first triggered
  • Soldier
    • A balanced Guardian that aims to jump into fights and disrupt the enemies senses with its heavy ranged explosives. This is the only class of Guardian that is not an NFT and has a standard build without variations and is the go-to Guardian when new players join without a Guardian NFT.
    • Class ability 'Rocket Jump' allows this Guardian to launch itself high into the sky at the cost of some small damage to itself to in order to reach places you could not normally go.
    • Ultimate ability 'Multi-Missile'. The Soldier shoots all the missiles from its back at the target location up to 3 times in short succession. This creates an area of effect damage radius and splash damage based on proximity to the blasts. This can be done whilst airborne, and each blast compresses so much air around the Guardian that it recoils backwards slightly from the shots.