Nyan Heroes

In-game Economy

The in-game economy is supported by our utility token $CTNP.
By playing the game, users will receive $CTNP as rewards for various tasks including victory in PvP, adventure mode, guild quests and giant raids.
$CTNP is subsequently used to upgrade equipment and parts, craft consumables and purchase cosmetic skins. $CTNP can also be freely traded amongst players in the open economy for anything that two parties agree upon.
  • Pay2Play players can pay yield farmers in $CTNP to perform daily tasks, quests, complete missions and trade the subsequent rewards with each other.
  • $CTNP can be used to pay mercenaries to assist with difficult missions or raids
Free2Play is something we are passionate about, there should be no barriers of entry for players hoping to enjoy the game and earn a living. Players will be able to mint a basic Nyan for free when starting the game. They will be able to use their Nyan to pilot the default soldier Guardian in our PvP battle royale and start earning rewards. However, players will be unable to level up this guardian or upgrade its parts and thus they will eventually experience difficulty progressing in adventure mode and performing in harder and harder guild activities.
Earning enough rewards via PvP to mint a new Guardian Mech is a time consuming process but it can be done. F2P players may opt to borrow a Guardian Mech from other players in order to participate in the full rewards Nyan Heroes has to offer, where the lender will receive a portion of the additional rewards gained. This can allow for greater rewards for the F2P player as well as fast track them towards owning their own Guardian Mech.
Players who participate in our Genesis Nyan Sale will be able to claim a Guardian Mech for free (minus gas fees), rewarding early adopters. Alternatively, players who wish to exchange their money for time are able to purchase the materials to mint a Guardian directly at a later stage. These funds will go directly into the Nyan Heroes Treasury.
Players who purchase a Guardian Mech are considered P2P players. By enjoying the game and contributing to the DAO treasury, they are spending based on their enjoyment of the in-game experience and our immersive metaverse. These players may also choose to spend on cosmetic items and collect multiple Guardian Mechs to increase their yield by lending them to other players. In addition, high networth individuals or institutions may opt to purchase land blocks in order to create a guild, streamlining the lending and reward sharing program further.
By ensuring high quality gameplay, game loops and an immersive lore, we can ensure that players enjoy the gaming experience, and will therefore choose to spend on various goods and services within our in-game economy. This expenditure aims to offset net outflows created by the P2E community, thereby creating a perfectly balanced ecosystem.