Nyan Heroes

High Noon

November 2021 - May 2022
  • Creation of Guardian NFTs
  • Nyan Avatar NFT holders will be able to claim their Guardian NFT on sale date at no extra cost aside from gas fees
  • An additional number of Guardian NFTs will be unlocked for public sale
    • New buyers who do not yet own a Nyan can purchase a Nyan from our marketplace as each Guardian must be paired with a pilot in order to function
  • Launch Guardian staking expeditions to generate additional yield rewards
    • $CTNP, $NYN, Guardian Cores, Guardian parts, Weapon parts
  • Unlock Training Centre where players can begin to slowly upgrade and level up their Guardian parts which will provide them an advantage in Adventure/RPG/Guild game modes
  • Unlock Stasis Chamber allowing players to combine collected Cores to mint additional Nyans/Guardians
  • Early gameplay demo/teaser
  • Web portal minigames released with Play2Earn functionality
  • $NYN token ICO