Nyan Heroes


Nekovia is the largest civilization in the world, but it is not the only one. Sprawled throughout the metaverse known as Eden, are numerous colonies that have historically had little interaction with each other. However the happenings within Nekovia have been difficult to ignore and its neighbours are concerned whether the vile affliction will spill over onto their own borders.
The entire metaverse will be subdivided into subterranean land plots with a central genesis region and surrounded by outer regions
Owning a plot of land will grant the owner the right to become a guild master and recruit guild members. Once established, guilds will be able to participate in a number of PvE events only available to those in an existing guild. In addition, guild specific quests and Elemental Raids will become available as development progresses. Finally the guild will be a place for Nekovians to gather and hang out. The space upon which the guild is built can also be used in a variety of creative ways. Guilds can open up stores, take on mercenary jobs for others, create mini-games within the metaverse and more, the possibilities are endless. Any income earned by a guild in this fashion will be divided amongst the guild master and its own members.