Nyan Heroes

Guardian Technology

Bring down the hammer!
Through the power of cryptography, the Nyans have unlocked their true potential. Using the power of Guardian Gemstones, each Nyan can call forth a Guardian, a mighty ally in the fight against the Elementals. Every Guardian is different and when summoned, will be assigned unique robot parts.
Guardians will be classified into 9 different classes each with their own unique abilities to deploy in battle. The parts of a Guardian that have variations are:
  • Right hand: This part will determine the overall class of a Guardian based on the weapon that gets equipped. There will be a number of different playable classes each with their own class specific ability
  • Left hand: This will determine the secondary ability
  • Back: This will determine the ultimate ability of the Guardian, a strong unique move with a high cooldown timer
  • Head: This determines the passive ability of the Guardian and will be active at all times in and out of battle