Nyan Heroes

The Fall

Nekovia was once the greatest civilization ever to be known in the metaverse. After centuries of peace, wealth and technological advancement, its citizens, the Nyans, began to believe themselves to be Gods in their own right. At the top of the evolutionary food chain, they eventually saw fit to mold the world to suit their needs, rather than respect the laws of nature. They denounced their ancestors, their religions, and their cultures, and in doing so ruined their world.
Natural resources were harvested until there was nothing left. Kilotonnes of waste lined the ocean bed, killing marine life and polluting their drinking water. Progress was made at the cost of sustainability, yet no attempt was made to change paths.
Some say that The Fall was a side effect from the corruption of nature. Others say that it was the will of the Gods. But what we know now is that Mother Nature's revenge was swift and deadly.
All over the world, giant twisted nightmarish creatures began to emerge from the ground. They came from the toxic ocean beds, the barren wastelands, the stripped forests and the ore depleted caves. These Elementals overran the entire civilization in just 3 days, and the casualties sustained by Nekovia were immense. That calamity, took place just over a year ago. Today, they still rule the land, save for a handful of survivors of Nekovia who continue to fight for their existence.